Hardwood installation


Professional Wood Floor Installation Palmdale, CA

We provide Pro installation of hardwood products. Services include: flooring, staircases, custom radius’s, and custom design inlays

Different types of materials

Depending on where the flooring is to be installed can depend on the type of materials you have to choose from. Some materials are able to withstand heavy traffic and some allow for a softer touch. They are also available for full customization.



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The look of real hardwood flooring adds class and style to any atmosphere you want to achieve. With all of the different choices and styles to choose from there is certainly one that is right for you.

The finish

Unfinished hardwood flooring allows for a complete custom look that you want to have for the area you are covering. With unfinished flooring you are able to change the look with the type and degree of stain along with the degree of finish according to the degree of shine you need to complete the room.

DGS Flooring was expanded back in 2010. Danny, being the craftsman that he is, decided to open up a full size showroom in Palmdale, CA. He believes in superior customer service, knowledgeable staff and skilled craftsmen, they can provide the custom flooring that his clients are looking for.

Using only the finest materials, latest techniques and state of the art tools, DGS Flooring can give you the flooring that you have always wanted. Call or contact us and we can meet and go over all of your expectations. We can show recommendations and give you 100% satisfaction after the hardwood flooring is installed.